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Friday reads #6

“I will. I just want you to know that if they believe her, I’m okay with you leaving. I would rather you be out there somewhere safe than locked up for something that was an accident.” “I’m not leaving you … Continue reading

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Wine Wednesday

Who’s drinking with me! On a refreshing hot summer day there is nothing like a cold glass of wine. My pick this week is the always delightful Barefoot Sweet Red Blends. Sweet reds are great by themselves or as a … Continue reading

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Friday reads #5

For a split second, Leona takes her eyes off of Alexandria and looks at Amelia. Alexandria charges a distracted Leona to the ground and slaps her. Clack! Amelia jumps from the sound of the gun hitting the floor. Alexandria slaps … Continue reading

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Friday reads #4

Cash gasps for air, holding the side of his abdomen. Alexandria sniffles and kneels next to him. “Oh Cash, I’m so sorry. The gun went off, I was trying to get it away from you,” she cries. Feeling something wet, … Continue reading

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